Alexander Wiendl, M.Sc.
research associate

Institute in Munich-Pasing:
Room 234
Telephone: 089 / 289 – 27125



  • Supervision of student research assistants
  • Supervision of student research projects and theses
  • Teaching coordinator for the courses within the Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering programs (SS 18 - SS19)
  • Tutor for Foundation engineering and soil mechanics Basic and Extension modules (SS 18 - WS18/19)
  • Tutor for the course Tunnelling (SS19)
  • Tutor for the course Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in Tunnelling (WS19/20)


  • Penetration and infiltration of slurries during hydro shield excavations

Geotechnical support and consulting for construction projects

  • FE Simulations
  • Geotechnical investigations and tunnel engineering




  • Wiendl, A.: Tunneling in Munich, Selected examples of the Workgroup Tunneling at the TUM. Workshop bi-nationaler Studiengang Geotechnik, Mendoza, 19.-22.03.2018, 2018 more…