Earthworks and dam construction


Identifier: BV120003

Curriculum/ Assignment: Elective 2. Semester

ECTS-Credits: 3,0

Cycle: Summer semester

Language: German


Akad. Dir. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Heyer


Course Content

The building material soil:

  • classification
  • categorization
  • sensitivity to frost

Loosening, loading, banking:

  • construction operation
  • use of equipment

Installation and compaction:

  • Tasks of soil compaction
  • compaction properties
  • Pre-compaction measures
  • Requirements for compaction quality
  • compaction types

Quality assurance, testing:

  • self-monitoring
  • control tests
  • direct and indirect test procedures

Soil treatment with binders:

  • Use of lime, cement, mixed binders, etc.

Building on low load-bearing ground:

  • Deep soil improvements
  • soil replacement

Rail-specific earthwork aspects:

  • Ril 836
  • formation seepage layers
  • formation protection layers
  • dynamic stability

Hydraulic applications:

  • dikes
  • dams

Study Documents

All study documents can be found on MOODLE.



A written examination is offered at the end of the lecture period. The examination takes 60 minutes. All study documents, literature and a simple scientific pocket calculator are permitted as aids.

The course contents dealt with in the previous (current) semester are always relevant for the examination.

Registration for the examination must be made in time at tumonline. The examination office is responsible for the registration for the exam.