Building Construction and Design of Structures 1 - Group Work

In both individual and group work, the content of the lectures building construction 1 and structure design 1 should be applied in the form of a project work. On the basis of existing buildings, the following should be practiced:

  • Recognition of structures
  • Analysis of connections
  • Presentation in the plan
  • Independent development of structures

Using the example of a practical, constructive task, typical design phases are worked on in group work:

  • Clarification of the task
  • Variant investigation and development of alternative approaches
  • Structural analysis and pre-dimensioning
  • Final documentation and presentation of the work in drawing and a 1: 1 model

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the part building constructions 1 students are able to plan and represent the major building constructions, foundation ground, basement, exterior walls, floors, steep and flat roofs, the bracing, insulation and air tightness. After attending the part of design of structures the students are able to define important terms and to understand the structure in context of the construction. Students will be able to show calculation approaches even under time pressure. The project work with a reality-based development of an ideal structure as a team serves to apply the content learned in building construction and design of structures 1. Furthermore students learn time management, ability of abstraction, accuracy and teamwork.


Coordination: Samuel Ebert, Claudia Köhler, Daniel Talke

Lecture: Wednesday, 9:45 - 11:15, HS 2300

Exercise: Wednesday, 11:30 - 13:00, HS 2300

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: see Moodle-Kurs

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