Research in Building Construction and Timber Structures

The module contains lecture posts to various research topics and dissertations in the field of building construction, fire protection and timber structures. In the lectures, the identification of scientific problems, the the philosophy and the understanding of finding solutions should be transmitted. By showing examples of finished research projects and doctoral work, solutions should be presented to transfer results of research into the practice. The module should serve as preparation for a independent scientific work (Master thesis / research).

Learning Outcomes

After successfully completing the module, the students are able to analyze problematic topics and develop appropriate research approaches. Furthermore, they are able to set up basic principles of experimental and theoretical research and to evaluate results. The student also has basic knowledge of the possibilities to transfer research results into practice (desimination).


Coordination: Dr.-Ing. Michael Merk

Lecture: Wednesday, 11:30 - 13:00, HS 2770 


Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: Semesterinfo SoSe 18


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