GRETA Near-surface Geothermal Resources in the Territory of the Alpine Space

The alpine region must tackle a rising energy consumption and accordingly, a larger CO2 emission, especially due to the expansion of tourism. Although the potential of renewable sources to handle this energy requirement has been discussed in some recent studies, the opportunity to apply near surface geothermal systems as a low carbon energy source in the heating sector is not properly highlighted yet. Moreover differences in country-specific regulations and practices impede a successful increasing of this technology.

The aim of the GRETA project is to demonstrate the potential of renewable near surface geothermal energy in the Alpine Space and to foster its integration into future energy plans at different administrative levels. For this purpose, transnational-congruent criteria will be defined for the efficient implementation and operation of near surface geothermal systems. The same criteria will also be implemented to develop a large-scale map of the potential of these systems in the Alpine region. The country-specific regulations and practices will be reviewed and the best-practice specifications will be summarized into guidelines. The outputs of the project will serve to promote and to guide the implementation of shallow geothermal energy into policy instruments, e.g., the energy plans of municipalities or planning bureaus.

Best practise examples

The map below shows good examples and the wide variety of application possibilities of shallow geothermal energy.

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You are invited to upload you own geothermal application here

The systems:

Ground-source heat pump

Groundwater or air heat pump

Other geothermal uses

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Learn more:

The GRETA project website

Interview on the interreg blog in German

Project duration: 15.12.2015 - 15.12.2018

GRETA is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Alpine Space programme. The Amount of co-financing is 2.308.232,96 €


TUMTechnical University Munich (Lead Partner) 
GBAGeological Survey of Austria
Uni Basel University of Basel and State Geology
GeoZSGeological Survey of Slovenia
BRGM French Geological Survey
EURAC European Research Academy
POLITOPolytechnic University of Turin
ARPA VdaRegional Environmental Protection Agency of the Valle d’Aosta
RL Regional Government of Lombardia
TripleSTriple S-GmbH
INDURA Rhône-Alpes Sustainable Infrastructures
CAClimate Alliance - Klima-Bündnis - Alianza del Clima e.V.

Last Update: December 05, 2018