M.Sc. Daniel Bittner

Foto von Daniel Bittner

Technische Universität München

Lehrstuhl für Hydrologie und Flussgebietsmanagement (Prof. Disse)


Arcisstr. 21
80333 München


Geburtsdatum und -ort: 10. November 1987, Lichtenfels


  • 2013 – 2016 | Masterstudium Geosciences an der Universität Trier | Masterarbeit: Numerical modeling of coupled surface and ground water flow for the Middle Elbe, Germany
  • 2010 – 2014 | Bachelorstudium Angewandte Physische Geographie an der Universität Trier | Bachelorarbeit: Evaluierung der Bodenhydrologischen Kartieranleitung der DWA AG HW 1.3

Beruflicher Werdegang

  • 01/2016 – 10/2016 | BfG (German Federal Institute of Hydrology), Koblenz (Germany) Hydrogeological consultation of the Federal Railway Authority, Hydrogeological and hydrochemical modeling, Statistical analyses of hydrological data
  • 01/2014 – 12/2015 | Geoscientist at the Grundbaulabor Trier | Project management of different construction projects in Luxembourg, geophysical field experiments, sedimentological and soil mechanical laboratory experiments, geotechnical assessment of subsoil properties
  • seit 2013 | Member in DWA (German Association for Water, Wastewater and Waste) HW 1.3 working group | Construction of a hydropedological model to map and assess run-off processes based on soil physical, chemical and topographic parameters



  • D. Bittner, A. Rychlik, T. Klöffel, A. Leuteritz, M. Disse and G. Chiogna, A GIS-based model for simulating the hydrological impacts of land use changes on karst systems - The integration of the LuKARS model into FREEWAT, 2020 - Environmental Modelling & Software
  • T. Olarinoye, [...], D. Bittner, [...] and A. Hartmann (57 co-authors), Global karst springs hydrograph dataset for research and management of the world's fastest flowing groundwater, 2020 - Nature Scientific Data

  • D. Bittner, M. Teixeira Parente, S. Mattis, B. Wohlmuth and G. Chiogna, Identifying relevant hydrological and catchment properties in active subspaces: An inference study of a lumped karst aquifer model, 2020 - Advances in Water Resources

  • M. Teixeira Parente, D. Bittner, S. Mattis, G. Chiogna and B. Wohlmuth, Bayesian calibration and sensitivity analysis for a karst aquifer model using active subspaces, 2019 - Water Resources Research

  • T. Sheikhy Narany, D. Bittner,  M. Disse and G. Chiogna, Spatial and temporal variability in hydrochemistry of a small scale dolomite karst environment, 2019 - Environmental Earth Sciences

  • D. Bittner, T. Sheikhy Narany, B. Kohl, M. Disse and G. Chiogna, Modeling the hydrological impacts of land use change in a dolomite-dominated karst system, 2018 - Journal of Hydrology


  • D. Bittner, M. Teixeira Parente, S. Mattis, B. Wohlmuth and G. Chiogna, On the relationship between parameters and discharge data for a lumped karst aquifer model, 2018 - arXiv

Conference contributions

  • D. Bittner, M. Teixeira Parente, S. Mattis, B. Wohlmuth, M. Disse and G. Chiogna, How to model the impacts of land use changes in karstic environments: Model development, parameter dimension reduction and uncertainty quantification, 2019 - talk at IAH conference, Málaga, Spain

  • D. Bittner, M. Teixeira Parente, S. Mattis, B. Wohlmuth and G. Chiogna, Parameter dimension reduction using the active subspace method for a lumped karst aquifer model, 2019 - talk at EGU conference, Vienna, Austria

  • D. Bittner, M. Disse, T. Sheikhy Narany and G. Chiogna, Modelling the impact of land use change on drinking water supply in a karstic system, 2018 - talk at EGU conference, Vienna, Austria

  • D. Bittner and M. Casper, A coupled modeling approach to assess the surface water - groundwater interactions for the Middle Elbe on regional scale, 2016 - talk at GeoTirol conference, Innsbruck, Austria