Munich Alpine Hazards and Mitigation Cluster (AlpHaz)

A Nature Communications article on mobility of erosive landslide - making a breakthrough

“Erosion can significantly increase the destructive power of a landslide by rapidly amplifying its volume, mobility and impact force. The threat posed by erosive-landslides is directly linked to their mobility. However, when, how and how much energy landslides gain or lose by erosion and the state of their mobility is not yet known. Here, the authors make a breakthrough by pioneering a game-changer mechanical-model for the energy-budget of erosive-landslides that controls their enhanced or reduced mobility. This paper proves that all the existing very influential mass flow models with erosion are physically and mathematically wrong. This legitimately demands for re-visiting the previous simulations of catastrophic landslides involving erosion phenomena providing the scientifically correct description of hazard mitigation and proper landuse planning for the safety of the public and civil infrastructures.”