Restoration (Restaurierung) Building preservation, preventive conservation and a specialised approach with architecture-bound finishes are the core elements of the restoration and preservation of historical buildings and constructions.
Gathering (Erfassung) The compilation of all information about material, the current condition with all technical details, historical visual material and the building history provides the basis for a comprehensive damage analysis for later measures and invitations to tender.
Alteration (Umbau) Good building alteration strategies are essential for how existing buildings will be handled in the future. Only if building alterations are at an equal level with new buildings will they represent a real alternative in the future.
Redevelopment (Sanierung) The aim of conservation is to demonstrate the development of alteration, maintenance and repair concepts for protected historical monuments and other valuable existing buildings through to city repairs and to preserve their historical essence as far as possible.
Preservation (Erhaltung) The focus of building physics and building chemistry is, among others, the preservation, repair and analysis of construction materials. New testing and restoration methods, non-researched modern construction materials and the analysis of structural damage allow the optimisation of renewal and maintenance cycles and are incorporated into conservation, restoration and monument preservation.
Heritage protection (Denkmalpflege) Currently, the preservation of historical monuments faces the challenge of registering and conserving buildings that do not fall into the established heritage categories. From the highly specialized and often complex methods of the preservation of herritage monuments, universal procedures can be developed for the conversion of other valuable, possibly not yet protected, existing buildings.