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Course offerings

In the showcase of the chair you will find a current plan of the offered courses.

Bachelor's programme:

The ' Building Physics Basic Module ' (Bauphysik Grundmodul) and the ' Building Physics Supplementary Module' (Bauphysik Ergänzungsmodul) are offered in german.

Master's civil engineering programme:

The contents of the module ' Building Physics Advanced Course' (Bauphysik Vertiefung) (12 ECTS) held in german are as follows:

Part 1 (SS): Component, room

Part 2 (WS): Buildings, Urban Building Physics

Master's environmental engineering programme:

'Energy-Building-City' (6 ECTS) will be held in English for master students starting winter semester 2017/2018.

In addition, optional modules are offered (->Bachelor/Master). Please understand that there may still be changes in the next semesters, especially for the electives, due to many content-related and organizational constraints.