Networks and Initiatives

In order to make research as interdisciplinary as possible, the professorships of the Department CEE are active in various networks, clusters and initiatives. Together with TUM internal and external partners, competences are bundled to implement comprehensive research projects.


The Leonhard Obermeyer Center brings together the scientific expertise of over 80 researchers at the Technical University of Munich. In dialogue with our partners from industry and government institutions, we jointly define technological research priorities. more


AlpHaz is understood as dynamic cluster that aims at developing enhanced cooperation, fostering scientific and applied research and identifying synergies and future research needs in the field of Alpine Hazards and Risks. more


Research at the Munich Geo Center explores a wide range of topics employing state-of-the-art equipment in the Earth Sciences. more


The cross-disciplinary focus program of Water Research at the Technical University of Munich coordinates research and teaching activities on questions connected with water – this most essential element. more


TUM.wood is a cooperation of ten professors at the Technische Universität München, who all are focused on the material wood. The common vision of the group is to strengthen the use of the material, to intensify its contribution to a responsible use of the available resources. The path into a new wood age needs to be found. more


 The ZSK has combined the disciplines of urban and land­scape planning, architecture, engineering and ecology. The goal of the inter­disciplinary team of scientists is to develop practical recommendations for cities and municipalities in Bavaria, which show how the ecosystem services of urban green infra­structures (e.g. shading, water storage and humidification) can be used to adapt the sustainable city of the future to the conse­quences of climate change. more