The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering's (CEE) testing laboratories, field institutes and laboratories, and computational clusters provide a powerful infrastructure for application-oriented and research and experimental basic research.


In addition to basic research and teaching as well as routine testing, the tasks of the laboratory include the development of new test methods for questions that cannot be solved by standardized test methods, as well as problem solving in the further development and reuse of building materials. more


The testing center is equipped with laboratories and test rigs for large-scale load tests as well as a hall with a test pit. In addition, subsoil investigations, measurements during construction and quality controls can be carried out on site. more


The main focus of the test center's activities is experimental and theoretical research into the deformation and stress behavior of the superstructure of roads, railroads and airfields, as well as the dimensioning and development of new systems. more


The Experimental Station of the Chair of Urban Water Systems Engineering carries out process validations on a laboratory and pilot scale and undertakes material, plant and process investigations as well as contract work for industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and public authorities in research and development on both a laboratory and semi-technical scale. more


Research at the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Engineering is mainly concerned with numerical modeling, physical laboratory experiments, artificial intelligence, and field experiments. The laboratory experiments are facilitated and carried out at the Experimental Station for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management, among others. more



With its program of events, the Oskar von Miller Forum stimulates discussions and at the same time promotes its scholarship holders. With their outstanding expertise, sense of responsibility and willingness to perform, they contribute to securing a future worth living. more


Other experimental facilities of the professorships in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering:

  • Soil LAB
  • Geofluids LAB
  • GeoThermal LAB
  • Large Scale Test Stand
  • Hydrogeology LAB
  • Lab for Field Measurement
  • Lab for Stone Preparation
  • Lab for Hydromechanics
  • Lab for Loose and Solid Rocks
  • Lab for Microthermometry
  • Numeric Laboratory
  • Sound and X-ray Laboratory
  • Test Center Obernach
  • Virtual LAB
  • Water Laboratory