Joints, connections and strengthening in concrete structures

Due to the specific material properties of concrete, joining of concrete members is an extremely interesting field of research. The bond behaviour of shotcrete is currently being examined based on earlier studies of concrete-concrete-bond (in-situ reinforced concrete). To take advantage of the improved material properties higher bond stresses have to be transferred at the joint between the individual components.

For many years, the focus for joints was epoxy resin adhesives, which are also used for CFRP laminates. Due to the limited bearing capacity at higher temperatures, a mineral adhesive for the joining of UHPC-components was developed. This RPC-adhesive (Reactive Powder Concrete) was subsequently studied in the context of a DFG-core area program. Currently, the potential of this mineral adhesive in reinforced joints for the connection of precast members is being studied in a further research project. In addition, experimental and numerical studies are being carried out on composite dowel strips which must ensure the force transfer from precast UHPC-plates to any other component.