Realistic modeling and design of tunnel linings

The continually increasing demand for underground infrastructure and traffic structures (road, rail, public transport), together with the expertise of the Professor (Chair) in tunnel construction, lead to the establishment of the new research area “Concrete structures in tunnel construction”. Various research projects are currently underway in this area, e.g. for optimization of the design of unreinforced or fibre-reinforced inner layers. The focus of the research is determination of the soil-structure-interaction under consideration of material and geometrical non-linearities. A further project, carried out in partnership with industry, focuses on the study of the influence of the annular gap material on the bearing capacity of the tunnel lining and possibilities for economic optimization in TBM driving. Additional themes are currently the bearing capacity of shotcrete-joints and the fire performance of tunnel linings. All activities are supported by experimental as well as comprehensive theoretical studies (e.g. complex FE-analysis), which leads to deepened comprehension of the mechanical and material specific characteristics of concrete in the construction of tunnels.