Research Facilities and Equipments

Rail research requires strong interaction between simulation (virtual lab) and testing (verification in lab).

virtual lab

Multi-body-Simulation (MBS)
ANSYS, Sofistik

testing on system level

full scale test pits for tests on superstructure systems (scale 1:1)
wheel tracking device to study wheel track interface (rail/pavement)

subsystem and component testing

Complete set of lab equipment for approval testing on

  • Rails
  • Fastening systems (electr. resistance, corrosion by salt spray, etc.)
  • Sleepers
  • Ballast
  • Interlayers (sub ballast mats, under sleeper pads, etc.)
  • components for switches
  • Track equipment
  • Ballastless track systems

Load applying and measureing equipments

test rigs equipped with servo-hydraulic cylinders for experimental research in superstructures and material tests

test pits for multiaxial loading (synchronised)
test rig equipped with fixed climatic chamber
mobile climatic chamber with heating and colling unit for temperature controlled testing
3D-Laser scanner, e.g. needed for FE-analysis and wear investigations


The laboratory runs own electronic and metal workshops to maintain electronic equipment, hydraulic machinery and to built up test set-ups. The lab is able to design and set up tailored test rigs and test specimen e.g. by computer aided 3D milling machine.

sensors for laboratory and in-situ measurements

measurement instrumentation:

  • displacements
  • vibrations *)
  • strains
  • pressures
  • temperature

data recording and post-processing equipment

*) equipment to investigate noise an vibration problems:

  • vibration activators (vibrogir tests)
  • impact hammer
  • 3D-ballast vibration measurement stone
  • accelerometers and data recording
  • noise level recorder
  • digital amplifier

in-situ measurements:

  • track moveable Benkelman beam
  • movable frame recording track geometry in unloaded condition
  • measuring of deflection of track components under passing trains
  • registration of rail strains under running bogies
  • Falling-Weight-Deflectometer
  • set ups for remote controlled measurements