Andreas Wiegel (née Witty), M.Sc.
research associate

Institute in Munich-Pasing:
Room  232
Telephone: 089 / 289 - 27190
Fax: 089 / 289 - 27189


  • Supervision of student research projects and theses
  • Coordination and Tutoring for the course Laboratory exercise for soil mechanics (WS 20/21 - SS 21)


  • Uncertainty analysis in groundwater modelling
  • Subsoil modelling for BIM

Geotechnical support and consulting for construction projects

  • Assistance in the preparation of expert reports in geotechnical engineering and in water law




  • Witty, A.; Peña-Olarte, A.A.; Cudmani, R.: Comparison of Gaussian and Indicator based Sequential Simulation Methods for 3D spatial Uncertainty Quantification in Subsoil Modelling using Cone Penetration Tests. Geo-Risk conference 2023, 2023 more…
  • Witty, Andreas; Peña-Olarte, Andrés; Cudmani, Roberto: Erstellung und Validierung von probabilistischen Baugrundmodellen mit geostatistischen Simulationsmethoden anhand von zwei Fallbeispielen. Fachsektionstage Geotechnik - 23. Tagung für Ingenieurgeologie, 2023 more…
  • Witty, Andreas; Peña-Olarte, Andrés A.; Cudmani, Roberto: Application of Geostatistical Sequential Simulation Methods for Probabilistic 3D Subsoil Modeling and Uncertainty Quantification Concept and Examples. Geo-Congress 2023, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2023 more…


  • Witty, Andreas; Pena Olarte, Andres; Cudmani, Roberto: Probabilistische Baugrundmodellierung für BIM unter Berücksichtigung der Unsicherheiten im Baugrundaufbau und den Bodeneigenschaften – Konzept und Beispiele. 13. Kolloquium Bauen in Boden und Fels - Februar 2022, 2022, 51 - 59 more…


  • Witty, A.; Lypp, B.: Application of PEST for linear and nonlinear uncertainty analyses on transient head and pumping rate predictions using different parameterisation approaches. 2020 more…