Areas of work

Teaching - Research - Development - Applications in Engineering

  • Teaching: Scientific education in the field of geotechnics, soil mechanics, foundation engineering, rock mechanics and tunneling; Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate studies
  • Geotechnical Research: soil- and rock mechanics, environmental protection, geological and hydrological requirements
  • Testing and Metering: forces, ground motion and shaking during construction, new testing devices, measuring and experimental methods for subsoil and building material compatibility testing
  • Quality Management: Comprehensive and selective testing procedures, technical documentation
  • Geosynthetics: Geotextiles, grid and synthetic liners in soil and earth works, small (laboratory) and large scale experiments and calculations
  • Engineering in Rock and Soil: construction above ground, bridges, subsurface pipes, earth retaining structures, barrages, Infrastructure and subsurface construction amongst others:
  • Earth works and Embankments: Embankments for traffic or retaining purposes, slopes, bearing layers and base grades, slope failures
  • Underground Engineering: building pit, water drainage, sealing walls, soil solidification, artificial freezing of foundation ground, deep compaction, injections, long term supporting behaviour of bored piles, anchors, etc.
  • Tunneling: open building method, sliding method, tunnel advancing in loose rock
  • Soil and Groundwater protection: Sealing of Traffic infrastructure and industrial sites, dumps / e.g. remediation of soil and water
  • Safety analysis: Statistical proceedures for an estimation of the soil quality/ calculating the stability of a structural design

Special facilities

  • Test authority with laboratories and experimental equipment for large scale strain experiments, hall with experimental pit
  • Equipment for subsoil investigations, testing during construction and quality inspections
  • Extensive library in cooperation with the library of the Technical University of Munich