Foto von Johannes Leinauer

M.Sc. Johannes Leinauer

Ph.D candidate

Position at the Chair of Landslide Research: Researcher for the AlpSense-Project and Teaching Assistant

Doctoral researcher: Early warning of rock slope failures – real-time monitoring, process analysis and failure time forecasting



  • GIS für Geologen
  • Hangbewegungskartierung
  • Einführung in die Geologie
  • Alpine Hazards

Supervision of Thesis:

  • Entwicklung von Analysewerkzeugen zur Ermittlung des Zusammenhangs zwischen Regenereignissen und Kluftöffnungsraten mit R.
  • Evaluating acceleration models and respective stochasticity towards a real time forecasting model for landslides
  • Challenging Early Warning Systems for Alpine Hazards in Terms of Explanatory Power and Reliability - Exemplified at the Hochvogel in Germany/Austria
  • Cascading Risks at the imminent Hochvogel Rock Slide - Field Assesment and Scenario based Modelling in the Weittal Runout Channel
  • Irreversible crack opening and environmental forcing of imminent rock failures exemplified at the Hochvogel
  • Process analysis of the imminent Hochvogel rock slope failure with real-time monitoring data

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