Welcome to the Geothermal Technologies research group

Deep geothermal energy (>400 m) has a large potential to contribute to the World’s energy transition - both in electricity generation and district heating. Drilling into depths of up to 6 km below ground level is necessary to reach the respective temperatures. Understanding the structure and physical properties of the subsurface is therefore key to successfully and safely unlock the potential of deep geothermal energy. Thereby, the Geothermal Technologies research group focuses in particular on:

  • Analyses and prediction of pressures and stresses acting in the subsurface 
  • Impact of pressure and stresses on wellbore stability to improve drilling technologies and well planning
  • Mechanical integrity/stability of the subsurface for safe production
  • Evolution and productivity of fractured reservoirs 
  • Influence of pressures and stresses on deformation, regional fluid flow and temperature patterns on geological time scales

How to find us

You want to visit us? Our offices are located in the 5th floor of Richard-Wagner-Straße 3, 80333 Munich.