About the Professorship of Hydromechanics

The Professorship of Hydromechanics is part of the Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Munich and investigates the flow regimes of fluids to advance fundamental research and environmental and industrial applications.

Our state of the art laboratory facilities and high-performance computing enable us to perform customised experiments as well as advanced numerical simulations in parallel. By mastering a wide range of techniques we are able to tailor our research to the demands of specific applications and ensure the validity of results. In doing so, our grasp of advanced contemporary peer-reviewed scientific approaches makes us an ideal partner to diligently solve complex problems across an array of fluid mechanics applications.

As members of an internationally recognised institution at the frontier of fundamental hydromechanics research, our scientific staff are highly sought after by organisations, such as DWA and ERCOFTAC. Our research frequently appears in highly reputable international peer-reviewed publications and our various awards are further testament to the quality of our work.