The Professorship of Hydromechanics runs a large (approximately 1000 square metres) laboratory facility, able to cater to extensive and large-scale investigations. The on-site pumps are able to provide discharges in excess of 300 L/s. In conjunction we operate a workshop with substantial timber, metal and synthetic material finishing, fine mechanics and electronics facilities. Staffed with experienced technicians, it provides excellent support to our range of fluid mechanics experiments. Please refer to our Consulting page for a number of examples.

The laboratory is ideally suited to investigations ranging from fundamental turbulence to applied hydraulics.

Measurement devices:

The following lists provides a non-comprehensive inventory of our laboratory equipment:

  • 3 Component Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) units
  • 2 Component Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) units
  • 3 Component Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry (ADV) units
  • Magneto-inductive discharge measurement devices
  • Hydrometric propellers
  • Highly sensitive pressure sensors
  • Conductivity-meters
  • Mobile magneto-inductive measurement devices