Excursions of the Chair for Concrete and Masonry Structures

The Chair for Concrete and Masonry Structures at the Technische Universität München undertakes multiple excursions each year for Bachelor and Master students in Civil Engineering. At the forefront is the intention to allow students a closer look at the practical application of the theoretical structurally oriented knowledge gained in their studies and to help prepare them for their future careers. In addition, the students have the opportunity to make connections with engineering and construction firms.

The excursions are supported through the Faculty "Bau Geo Umwelt" of the Technische Universität München and through the "Förderverein Massivbau der TU München e.V.". In addition the excursions are often only made possible through the financial and material donations from numerous companies. On behalf of Herrn Prof. Oliver Fischer and all of the students, the Chair for Concrete and Masonry Structures offers its most heartfelt gratitude.

Excursions taking place since Summer Semester 2014

Date Destination
13.12. to 14.12.2015 Stuttgart - Limburg- Nürnberg
04.10. to 10.10.2015 Dubai - Abu Dhabi - Doha
30.11. to 01.12.2014 Dorfen - Innsbruck - Brixen
21.07. to 25.07.2014 Hamburg - Kopenhagen