European Conference on Permafrost 2023

The TUM Landslide Research Group participated at the European Conference on Permafrost from 18th to 22nd June 2023 which was held in the picturesque village of Puigcerdà nestled in the Spanish Pyrenees. The conference focused on permafrost research, engineering, and outreach at global and regional levels. After enduring an extended period of online meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was truly exhilarating to finally meet and engage in face-to-face discussions with fellow researchers. The conference provided a much-needed platform for exchanging ideas, sharing insights, and fostering collaborations in the field of permafrost studies.

We joined very actively with the contributions:

1. Long-term geoelectrical monitoring of permafrost in alpine bedrock: challenges and results for quantifying climate change effects. Riccardo Scandroglio, Maike Offer, Lukas Lucks, Michael Krautblatter. 

2. Coupling warming permafrost and rockwall erosion: the contribution of geophysical monitoring. Riccardo Scandroglio, Maike Offer, Benjamin Jacobs, Daniel Dräbing, Robert Kenner, Michael Krautblatter. 

3. Combining ERT, SRT and GPR to decipher permafrost and fluid flow in fractures. Maike Offer, Markus Keuschnig, Riccardo Scandroglio, Michael Krautblatter. 

4. Mechanical and hydrological controls of rock slope failures in polythermal cryospheric rock slope regimes. Felix Pfluger, Michael Krautblatter, Christian Zangerl. 

5. Retrogressive thaw slumps in NE Greenland - a hazard for arctic infrastructure. Saskia Eppinger, Thomas Højland Lorentzen, Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen, Michael Krautblatter.

6. Detecting Internal Structures of Retrogressive Thaw Slumps. Saskia Eppinger, Michael Krautblatter.