New team member Georg Stockinger receives „Young Scientist Award 2022”

picture: Medgyesi

At the European Geothermal Congress 2022, Berlin, Dr.-Ing. Georg Stockinger received the Young Scientist award for his thesis on fracture initiation and propagation in the vicinity of the geothermal well Geretsried. The work focuses on both borehole stability and the potential for an Enhanced Geothermal System.

After a warm laudation from Prof. Kurosch Thuro, the award was handed over by the new President of the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC), Miklos Antics and the former President of the Bundesverband Geothermie, e.V., Dr. Erwin Knapek. 

Georg Stockinger graduated with his dissertation with the title „Fracturing in deep boreholes” at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Chair of Engineering Geology, in May 2021. In August 2022, he started a new position as a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Landslide Research (TUM)