Project start of X-Risk-CC

From 4th to 5th of April 2023, the partners of the Interreg Alpine Space project "X-RISK-CC" held the first face-to-face meeting in Bolzano, Italy. Michael Krautblatter, Theresa Frimberger, and Daniel Straub (TUM Engineering Risk Analysis) travelled to Bolzano and exchanged ideas on how to assess compound hazards and risks with the project partners from Italy, Slowenia, Austria, France and Switzerland. The X-RISK-CC project aims to address the challenges of extreme weather events and their compound and cascading impacts associated with climate change across the Alpine Space with a particular focus on five pilot areas.

In summary, the project analyses past and future extreme weather events in the pilot areas and in the whole Alpine Space, assesses subsequent impacts and risks and develops risk management measures for each pilot as well as transnational guidelines and policy options for the Alpine Space. The expected outcomes of the X-RISK-CC project are significant. They cover a variety of interrelated aspects that enable risk managers to better address the challenges posed by weather extremes. The outputs include a digital platform of past and future weather extremes across the Alpine Space, a manual for planners/decision-makers to assess associated impacts and risks based on the provided new scientific knowledge, concrete management action plans for the pilots, and a two-tier digital sourcebook for practitioners and policy makers. We believe that the X-RISK-CC project will provide significant benefits to local communities by reducing the risks associated with extreme weather events and helping decision-makers and planners to assess and cope with their consequences.

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This project is co-funded by the European Union through the Interreg Alpine Space programme.