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Education and experience

since 09/2012 Technische Universität München, Engineering Geology, Professor Chair of Landslide Research.
03/2012-09/2012 Technische Universität München, Engineering Geology, Interim Professorship on Monitoring, Analysis and Early Warning of Landslides.
07/2009-(07/2015) University of Bonn, Geography, Senior lecturer (Akademischer Rat auf Zeit) and candidate for habilitation.
05/2005-07/2009 University of Bonn, Ph.D.-Thesis, Detection and quantification of permafrost change in alpine rock walls and implications for rock instability. Summa cum laude.
05/2005-06/2009 University of Bonn, Geography, Ph.D graduate school fellow and lecturer.
02/2005-05/2005 University of Oxford, UK, School of Geography, research invitation to the rock breakdown laboratory (Prof. H. Viles).
09/2004-01/2005 University of Erlangen, Physical Geography, junior lecturer.
10/2001-08/2004 University of Erlangen, Magister Geography, Geology and Economics Magister thesis: The Impact of Rainfall Intensity and other External Factors on Primary and Secondary Rockfall, Supervisor: M. Moser (Engineering Geology).
2002-2004 Scientific assistant in the Engineering Geology, U. of Erlangen (Prof. Moser).
02/03 2002 Invitation to research project “Seismically Induced landslides in Taiwan after the Chi-Chi 1999 Earthquake” (Drs. D. Petley and W. Murphy, Engineering Geology Leeds and Durham Landslide Research Center).
06/2001-10/2001 German-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Madrid, Leonardo da Vinci Internship.
09/2000-06/2001 University of Durham, UK, Geography (incl. Landslide Research) and Environmental Studies, Sokrates Studentship.
10/1997-06/2000 University of Passau, Geography and Economics, intermediate exam geography.