Biography CVResearch Publications

1. Science communication:

  • TV-documentary on BR “Kontrovers” – December 2018 Link
  • SLF Movie ‘Schnee von morgen – am Puls der Alpen’, Autumn 2018 Link

2. International conferences

  • EGU General Assembly – April 2019 – Vienna, Austria
    • A first attempt to reveal hydrostatic pressure in permafrost-affected rock slopes with relative gravimetry by R. Scandroglio, M. Heinze, T. Schröder, R. Pail and M. Krautblatter. Poster.
    • The effects of the hot summers of 2015 & 2018 on the spatial-temporal permafrost evolution at the Zugspitze by T. Schroeder, R. Scandroglio, V. Stammberger and M. Krautblatter. Poster.
    • Tracing permafrost in proglacial springs – first results from two alpine research areas by D. Keil, J. Lachner, J. Schenk, R. Scandroglio, M. Krautblatter and S. Kraushaar. Poster.
    • A thermo-mechanically coupled failure model for degrading permafrost rock slopes based on laboratory and field data by P. Mamot, M. Krautblatter, R. Scandroglio and S. Eppinger. Poster.
    • The AlpSense-Project: Alpine remote sensing of climate-induced natural hazards by M. Krautblatter, C. Mayer, U. Münzer, F. Siegert, U. Stilla, T. Wunderlich, S. Kraushaar, M. Keuschnig, J. Leinauer, B. Friedrich, B. Jacobs, R. Scandroglio, M. Wittmann, A. Emmert, L. Hoegner, L. Raffl, C. Reith, L. Van der Laan, D. Hermle, R. Pläsken. Oral presentation.
  • AGU Fall Meeting – December 2019 – San Francisco, USA
    • One decade of quantitative temperature-calibrated ERT permafrost monitoring in alpine rock walls by R. Scandroglio, T. Schroeder and M. Krautblatter. Oral presentation.
    • Relative gravimetry in alpine permafrost-affected tunnel. A first attempt to reveal changes in hydrostatic pressure by M. Heinze, R. Scandroglio, M. Krautblatter, R. Pail. Oral presentation.