The research work of the chair is divided into the areas of timber construction, holistic building construction and fire protection. The main focus of work and research is on classical timber engineering and multi-storey timber construction, preventive structural fire protection in timber construction, the integration of physical and structural boundary conditions, energy-efficient and sustainable construction as well as construction in existing buildings.

Timber construction

In detail, the current research focuses in timber engineering can be named as follows:

  • Reinforcement of timber structures
  • Lightweight wooden structures for flat surfaces
  • wood-concrete composite construction
  • Bonding in engineering timber construction
  • Evaluation of existing constructions


Building construction


In detail, the current research focuses of the building construction can be named as follows:

  • Additive manufacturing of free-form components
  • Prefabricated timber construction systems for the strengthening of existing buildings
  • Industrial construction
  • life cycle assessment


Fire protection


In detail, the current research focuses in fire protection can be named as follows:

  • Fire protection solutions of biogenic building materials
  • fire engineering
  • Fire protection solutions for multi-storey timber construction
  • Hot dimensioning in timber construction
  • Component catalogue for multi-storey timber construction


The chair's practical relevance is provided by the affiliated PÜZ position "Holzbau" (timber construction), which is currently the leading institution in the external monitoring of multi-storey timber buildings. As actors in international competence networks and through their membership and chairmanship of several German and European standardization committees, Prof. Winter and his team play a decisive role in the professional debate within science and in the transfer of research results into building practice.