Major subject support

In order to be able to accompany our students in the best possible way during their studies, one of the specialisations is appointed as the major subject for the Master's programme. The supervisor of this direction takes on a mentoring role and is to support and advise the student, especially with regard to the sensible selection of the specialisation.

At our department, students are mentored with the major subjects of timber construction and building construction.

If desired, advice regarding the choice of cross-sectional specialisation can take place as soon as the lead subject has been determined at our department.

However, the lead subject does not only pay attention to a choice of study contents related to the professional profile, but also, e.g. in the case of a stay abroad, to the accuracy of fit of the chosen contents or modules for the respective professional vision of the candidate.

This is particularly important when choosing a cross-sectional specialisation, as the compulsory and elective modules must be approved by the lead subject. For this purpose, the supervisor of the main subject at the department will make personal consultations with the responsible supervisor within the framework of the choice in order to enable a sensible, career-related choice.

If you have any questions regarding the supervision of the main subject, timber construction and building construction, please contact us at

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Notes on major subject support

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