Project duration
01.02.2022 - 31.05.2023

Funding organization
Bavarian Construction Industry Association (BBIV) 

The project aims to determine, on the basis of the current planning status of the Building.Lab Regensburg, whether and how an environmentally positive building can be developed. This includes an operating energy requirement approaching zero (lowest energy standard), the lowest possible CO2 emissions in the grey life cycle phases of construction and end of life (building construction) as well as the comprehensive use of renewable energies to cover the operating energy requirement. First, a comparison is made between the actual state of the planned new building and a constructional design variant by assessing the environmental quality. This serves to determine and optimise the energy and resource requirements for the planned new building. The focus of the construction variant is on the use of renewable raw materials and the use of regenerative energy systems. The assessment is carried out using recognised calculation methods. In addition, an assessment of the (environmental) costs, among other things as a building block for integral quality, will be examined. In addition, the topic of the circular economy is addressed. Here, the structure of the building is examined with regard to its circularity and transferred into a holistic concept (building construction and energy supply) for the implementation of life cycle-based concepts. The results are to be translated into usable guidelines for future buildings.

Iryna Takser