NAWAREUM Gardener’s Building

Project duration

Funding organization
Passau State Building Authority

The Technology and Promotion Center in the Competence Center for Renewable Resources, together with the Passau State Building Authority, is realizing the "NAWAREUM" in Straubing, an experience-oriented information and consulting center for sustainable raw materials and renewable energies. After the completion of a new building, the former gardener's building of the Franciscan monastery in Straubing is to be renovated as a new access and educational area. Initially, design variants of the component structures should be analysed and compared over the entire life cycle. The comparison of the results should provide information about the optimal use of materials in the renovation with regard to their ecological effects. A life cycle assessment of the design variant of the building is then carried out. In order to complete the life-cycle approach, the client provides the annual energy requirement from the proof of thermal insulation and is included in the calculations. Finally, the reusability of the materials used is examined.The investigations run parallel to the planning process for the refurbishment of the building. In this way, the results of the scientific support can be taken into account and applied in the real laboratory.

Project Team
Leander Präger


  • Takser, I.; Lang, W.: Das ‚NAWAREUM‘ in Straubing Lebenszyklusbasierte energetische und ökologische Bewertung – Abschlussbericht. Staatliches Bauamt Passau, Technische Universität München, 2022, more…