Project Platform Energy + Innovation

Project duration
Since 02/2014 

Funding organization
Cooperation project with Bayerischen Bauindustrieverband e.V.

Projektplattform Energy + Innovation 
of the Technical University of Munich in cooperation with the Bavarian Construction Industry Association

Project partners
Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband e.V.  
Center for Sustainable Building (Zentrum für nachhaltiges Bauen)
Institute of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design
Institute of Building Physics
Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems

Projektplattform Energie is a project platform driven by the motivation to leverage synergies between science and business. The underlying idea is that “innovation is the economic implementation of a good idea.” The platform combines the competencies of both partners, incorporating them in the interdisciplinary cooperation. This enables practice-orientated research and quick knowledge acquisition by platform users, as well as safe implementation of their ideas in practice. Projektplattform Energie plays a role of advisor and partner. It offers the benefit of access to latest scientific knowledge. The TU Munich leverages this exchange to drive its own, needs-orientated methods and research approaches. The special added value lies in the joint research, development and implementation of technical innovations.

Profile: The Project Platform Energy + Innovation

  • Safeguards the viability and competitiveness of the Bavarian construction industry

  • Points out opportunities/innovations and risks

  • Supports technical innovations and new holistic project and product ideas 

  • Provides advice, information and support in the subject area of energy 

  • Enables networking of and promotes exchange between the construction industry and academia 

  • Pursues goal-oriented, interdisciplinary activities 

  • Develops industry and demand-orientated research activities and networks 

  • Promotes the transition towards renewable energy 

Objective: The objective of Projektplattform Energy, an initiative launched in 2014, is to safeguard the viability and competitiveness of Bavarian construction companies. Its implementation is supported by ongoing mutual exchange and cooperation between the two partners. It addresses opportunities in the construction sector based on future topics while simultaneously pointing out potential risks. The cooperation activities generate innovation for future construction business models as well as starting points and ideas for application-orientated research. Subject areas include, for example

  • Circular economy secures the future 

  • Criticality of resources 

  • Design for Disassembly

  • BAMB – buildings as material banks 

  • Climate-responsive buildings 

  • Healthy buildings 

  • Simple buildings 

  • Climate-adaptive buildings 

  • Future-proofness saves costs 

  • Digitalized building design and construction 

  • Life-cycle assessment

  • Life-time costs 

  • Materials master challenges 

  • Innovations in materials sciences 

  • Intelligent construction materials and building components

Target group:

  • BBIV members 

  • Construction sector, civil engineering, structural engineering, rail engineering, water engineering, geotechnical engineering 

  • Technical University of Munich 

  • Bayerischer Bauindustrieverband e.V. 

  • Constellations between these three actors