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A project of architecture and civil engineering students of the TUM

In the Human Development Index 2011, one of the most United Nations developed prosperity indicator, Zambia ranks 164 out of 187 countries. There are large deficits in the area of education. The Zambian Ministry of Education has a need for of 10.000 new classrooms for the primary schools (grades 1-7) of the country.

For the realization of the project we are dependent on your donation. The donations will be used 100% for the project costs, without any administrative costs. The majority of the travel and accommodation costs are covered by the students themselves. The donations for this project are tax-privileged as special expenses. For a donation of 100 Euro or more you or your company will receive a donation receipt.

Engineering Faculty Building Geo Environment Chair of Timber Construction and Building Design Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. S.Winter

Contact person: Samuel Ebert 089/ 289 22047

Account holder: Förderverein des Lehrstuhls für Holzbau und Baukonstruktion an der TU München e. V. (Friends of the Chair of Timber Construction and Building Construction at the Technical University of Munich)

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