Basics of Fire Protection

The compulsory course 'Basics of Fire Protection' is offered with 2 SCH in the winter semester. It covers the core topics of preventive and defensive fire protection. Within preventive fire protection, the building supervisory requirements, which are mainly derived from personal and property protection, are dealt with. These include, among other things, land development, component requirements and execution, and escape route guidance. To illustrate the measures of defensive fire protection, including equipment and attack tactics of the fire department is usually offered an excursion to a fire station. At the end of the event, the components of a tailor-made fire protection concept will be presented taking into account the specified building inspection protection goals.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of the module, the students are able to understand the basic connections of fire development and spread of fire as well as the fire effect on persons and components and to use mathematical methods as well as tabulated values ​​for the determination and evaluation of component structures and cross sections. Furthermore, the students are able to evaluate the fire protection requirements for building materials and components on the basis of existing regulations and to assess individual buildings for their basic fire protection detailing and execution.

Study Material

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