Timber Engineering 2

The mandatory module Timber Engineering is composed of the two courses Timber Engineering I and Timber Engineering II, which are offered consecutively in the winter, respectively summer semester.

The course Timber Engineering II shall present the students with additional topics and specialities in the analysis and design of timber structures and connect the education on timber structures with the state of the art in research. This includes composite elements from timber-concrete and cross-laminated timber. In addition, the students will be introduced into the research carried out at the Chair, which encompasses the rehabilitation and maintenance of timber buildings, materials testing as well as glued timber structures. The subjects covered are be defined as follows:

  • timber products
  • new developments and applicability
  • plate structures and composites: timber-concrete composite, cross-laminated timber, shell structures
  • dynamic analysis
  • durability, robustness, assessment, rehabilitation and maintenance of timber structures
  • presentations from practitioners

Learning Outcomes

After the course Timber Engineering II, the students are able to understand and design frequently realized plane elements from timber and timber-composites. The subject of dynamic analysis shall enable the students to better understand one of the biggest challenges when verifying the serviceability limit state. With respect to the increasing importance of the building stock, the students learn to understand and apply the principles of experts work in the frame of the assessment of existing timber structures.


Coordination: Martin Schenk M.Sc., Julian Lukas M.Sc.

Lecture: Friday, 9:45 - 11:15 (or 12:30), HS 2760

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semester information: only offered during the summer semester

Introduction to the Specialization Timber Structures: Slides

Study Material

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