Timber in Construction

in Cooperation with the Holzforschung München

The course Timber in Construction covers the wood value chain with some specific applications. Wood species and the mechanical and physical properties (incl. fatigue) of wood and wood based materials are dealt with in the first lectures. Test methods and modeling aspects incl. FEM of timber and joints are introduced. Specific applications cover timber structures made with tropical hardwoods, an introduction to service life modeling and earthquake engineering.

Learning Outcomes

After the module Timber in Construction, the students shall be able to understand and analyse the characteristics of wood with respect to its use as a building material. For chosen areas of application of timber in construction (such as connections, tropical hardwoods, duration of load, ductility and seismic design), the students shall be able to evaluate possible solutions.


Coordination:  Dr.-Ing. Jan-Willem van de Kuilen, Nils Schumacher M.Sc.

Lecture: Monday, 13:15-14:45 in Room 1601

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: only offered during the winter semester

Introduction to the Specialization Timber Structures: Slides

Other: The course is held in German and all documents will be provided in German.

Study Material

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