Experience through Damage


The elective module 'Experience through Damage' is during every summer semester. The course 'Experience through Damage' teaches students how to detect causes of damage, analyze the damage and methods of rectifying damage. The course topics are linked to current research and include multiple types of material. In addition, students will see examples of damage and restoration as well as material testing and sampling. The course content can be divided into the following:

  • Demonstration and explanation of damage examples
  • Typical damage types
  • Methods of analyzing and rectifying damage
  • Student project work on damage example with presentation
  • Practice lectures and short excursions

Learning Outcomes

After participating in the elective module 'Experience through Damage', students will be able to detect the cause of damage as well as analyze and utilize methods for rectifying damage. In addition, students will be able to utilize criteria for the choice of building materials, components and types as well as depict the interaction between people and buildings.


Coordination: Samuel Ebert, Marco Krechel, Michael Schulte-Wrede

Lecture: Tuesday, 11.30-13.00, HS 2370

Exercise: voluntary Seminar Tuesday 9.45-11.15 in Room 3149

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: News

Other: The content of the project work consists of the application of the teaching content and the independent preparation of a damage report. Each group (max 3 students) may choose their own damage object. To ensure suitability, it is necessary to describe the object at the beginning of the semester in the form of an exposé (-> Download). Without a suitable damage object, the project work can not be edited.

The group selection and the upload of the exposés will take place at the beginning of the respective summer semester via moodle.

Study Material

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