Timber Engineering 1

The mandatory module Timber Engineering is composed of the two courses Timber Engineering I and Timber Engineering II, which are offered consecutively in the winter, respectively summer semester.

The course Timber Engineering I shall intensify the knowlegde, acquired in the courses Timber Structures (Basis of Design) and give the students a deeper comprehension of the particularities in the design of wide-span timber structures. The subjects covered can be defined as follows:

  • Timber products and structural elements for large-span timber structures
  • timber moisture content; reinforcement of timber elements
  • stability and bracing systems; secondary structures
  • notched members, holes, cross-connections
  • gluing and glued structures

Learning Outcomes

After the course Timber Engineering I, the students are able to apply timber in its wide range of possibilities, e.g. through the use of special structural forms with special attention to particularities in design and dimensionig. Knowledge on the anisotropical behaviour of timber wil be deepend and the students shall be able to apply material specific design and dimensioning at the example of tension perpendicular to grain stresses. Material conform design of structures will be exemplified by a deeper study of connection types and joining techniques to broaden the students capabilities in the design of such connections. The stiffness of connections leads to a closer examination of stability theories. After this, students are be able to analyse stability of large-span timber structures in connection with applicable design approaches for verification of stability.


Coordination: Martin Schenk M.Sc., Lucas Bienert M.Sc.

Lecture: Monday, 15:00 - 16:30 (or 17:30), 0670ZG (Theresianum)

Exercise: Monday, 15:00 - 16:30 (or 17:30), 0670ZG (Theresianum)

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semester information: only offered during the winter semester

Introduction to the Specialization Timber Structures: Slides

Other: The course is held in German and all documents will be provided in German. English document versions are available on demand.

Study Material

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