Timber Structures Basic Module

The aim of the module timber structures (basis of design) is to give students a first insight into the design and dimensioning of timber structures. Within this, special attention is given to the connection of the knowledge obtained in the basic courses in structural analysis and mechanics with the design according to standards and under consideration of the special characteristics of timber as a building material. The subjects covered can be defined as follows:

  • timber and timber properties
  • structural elements
  • ultimate limit states design
  • serviceability limit states design
  • connections
  • timber structures
  • durability
  • fire protection
  • introduction to CLT

Learning Outcomes

After the module timber structures (basis of design), the students shall understand the specific properties of timber as a structural material and its reaction towards environmental conditions. The students shall be able to apply this knowledge in the design and dimensioning of timber structures, with special consideration of appropriate connections between timber components

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