Software Lab

Software Lab is a master seminar over a period of two semesters. For this seminar, the students work together in groups of three on a specific research topic, supervised by research/teaching assistants. In many cases, the topics arise from engineering practice and are executed and supervised in cooperation with the industry. The core idea of this course is to let the students implement a piece of software that is part of typical engineering applications in order to confront them with typical questions from computational problem-solving of real-world problems. Three presentations/reviews are equally distributed over the working period to show progress and drawbacks and to present and discuss the results. For detailed information about the course please consult the Guidelines . You can also find here the Intro Slides (registration in TUMOnline is only possible from 15th March, before that, only registration in the link below is necessary).

Software Projects

Please follow the link to the >registration here<. (link available until Sunday, February 11th - 11:59 pm (GMT+1)).

You can review the topics by looking at the compilation of the offered >Projects 2024 here<.

Deadlines/Dates 2024

Presentation of project topics


Deadline for registration/topic selection


Announcement of project teams



Reviews 2024

  Group A and Group B
First Review TBA . Approx. first week of May
Second Review TBA. Approx. first two weeks of July
Third Review TBA. Approx. first two weeks of December


Name Miguel A. Vega Torres M.Sc.
Room 3217

(089) 289 - 25060