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Informationen Design Project 2024/2025

Registration for the Design Project in WS 2024/2025 with Julian Lukas by e-mail.
The following information is required for registration: Name, matriculation number, specialisation in Master, desired specialisation (Timber Structures or Building Construction).

The design project addresses students from the faculties of architecture and civil engineering. It promotes the integrated work of the closely connected disciplines. The structural design is carried out in form of an annually changing design task which is tackled by teams of two or three students from different disciplines. Each student brings his specific knowledge into the design process to collectively develop a detailed project from the beginning. The groups will be supervised by lecturers from both chairs involved. Experts are available to give support in the specialist areas structure, fire safety and energy-efficiency.

The design is usally subdivided into three phases:

  • Conceptual design stage: Presentation of alternative solutions, advantages and disadvantages
  • Planning and dimensioning (planning for submission): Detailed graphical and numerical design of the chosen solution, presentation of construction layers of regular details
  • Detailing and execution planning: revision of solution, detailing of joints

A one-day excursion is planned to foster the formation of groups and to visit exemplary buildings.

Insight Design Project 2023/2024

The "Green Campus" Design Project in the winter semester 2023/2024 includes the expansion of the TUM Schragenhofstraße 31 campus. The special feature of the design is the restructuring of the existing buildings. Conceptual solutions will be used to restructure the existing buildings and expand them with new buildings and extensions. The aim is to harmonise work, research and study at this location.

Further information:

Learning Outcomes

The students learn

  • The design, planning and structural detailing of buildings and structures when having to integrate diverging demands and specifications from different disciplines.
  • To develop planning concepts, to bring out promising alternatives on the basis of plausibility considerations and finally to develop one design concept within an ongoing process up to the stage of execution
  • To present their results precisely and clear with the aid of typical presentation formats (talk, plans, written records and models).


Coordination: Julian Lukas M.Sc., Dr.-Ing. Norman Werther, Thomas Engel M.Sc.

Group Support: Tuesday, 8:00 - 13:00, 60 Minutes each group, Room 4157

Open consultation hours: Tuesday, 13:00, Room 3149

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: Introduction Desing Project WS 2023/24

Other: For the design project a prior written registration with the supervisors is required. Urgently recommended prerequisites for the design project are the following subjects: Principles in Building Constructio and Basics of Fire Protection.

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