Plates and Slabs from Wood

The contents of the module are conveyed in the corresponding course "plates and slabs from wood". The contents can be summarized as follows:

  • analysis of plates woth the gamma-method
  • analysis of plates with grid structures
  • analysis of plates with the shear analogy
  • construction of cross-laminated timber and timber concrete composite structures
  • verification of cross-laminated timber and timber concrete composite structures

Learning Outcomes

After the module, the students are able to analyse plane and slab structures from wood products, taking into account shear stiffness. This includes the application of the gamma-method, the shear analogy, related tables and grid structures. The students obtain knowledge of the state-of-the art in the realization of plane and slab structures in wood, including the most typical structures from cross-laminated timber and timber-concrete composite.


Coordination: Dr.-Ing. Philipp Dietsch, Dr.-Ing. Patrik Aondio

Lecture: Tuesday, 13.15 - 14.45, HS 0670ZG

Consultation hours: by arrangement

Semesterinformation: Sommersemester 2019


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Lectures (Files on moodle)

VO 01 Einführung, Motivation
VO 02 Isotrope Platten
VO 03 Isotrope Scheiben
VO 04 Nachgiebiger Verbund
VO 05 Nachgiebiger Verbund – Übung
VO 06 Brettsperrholz – Einführung, Materialeigenschaften
VO 07 Brettsperrholz – Bemessung
VO 08 Brettsperrholz – Übung Platte
VO 09 Brettsperrholz – Übung Scheibe
VO 10 Holz-Beton-Verbund
VO 11 Gastvortrag BSP und HBV in der Praxis
VO 12 Holz-Beton-Verbund – Übung
VO 13 Übung Softwareanwendung