Isogeometric B-Rep Elements

Isogeometric B-Rep elements are finite elements derived from B-Rep entities such as vertices, edges, and faces, which are used to describe one-, two-, or three-dimensional trimmed domains [Breitenberger et al. 2015]. They can be used for imposing analysis properties assigned to B-Rep entities within the AiCAD design-through-analysis process. The following list contains some examples of such properties

  • Neumann boundary conditions (e.g. forces, moments)
  • Dirichlet boundary conditions (e.g. displacements, rotations, . . . )
  • Coupling boundary conditions
  • Mechanically motivated entities (e.g. cables, beams, . . . ) [Bauer et al. 2017]

B-Rep elements are defined by non-zero knot spans of embedded geometries such as trimming curves.

Some examples of application are presented in the following:


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