Courses given at the Chair of Structural Analysis

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Civil Engineering B.Sc.

3 Structural Analysis 1
4 Structural Analysis 2
5 Structural Analysis - Supplementary Module
6 Bachelor's Thesis

Civil Engineering M.Sc.

Semester Compulsory Electives
Winter Analysis of Plates and Shells 1: Theory of Plates Structural Optimization 1
  Finite Element Method part 1: Introduction to Finite Element Methods Investigations in practical structural analysis part 1
    Structural Windengineering
    Modeling in Structural Analysis
Summer Analysis of Plates and Shells 2: Theory of Shells Investigations in practical structural analysis part 2
  Finite Element Method part 2: Nonlinear Finite Element Methods Isogeometric Analysis and Design
    Advanced Finite Element Methods
    Analysis and Calculation of Historical Load-bearing Structures
Winter/Summer Master's Thesis Student project

Additionaly it is possible to write a seminal paper as an elective module. If you are interested, please contact one of the assistants at the chair.

YouTube Channel of the Chair of Structural Analysis

The Chair of Stuctural Analysis has its own YouTube Channel:

Exams at the Chair of Structural Analysis

Exams are designed to document the students' skills acquisition. The exam questions follow the principles of constructive alignment.

The exams in the Bachelor studies as well as the exams in Theory of Plates, Theory of Shells and Finite Element Methods take place during the examination period of the Faculty.

Non-compulsory courses in the Master usually have their exams directly after the end of the lectures' period.

For all exams the dates published by the examination office are mandatory without exceptions.

It is only possible to write the exams at the Technical University of Munich. This means, exams are not sent to other universities. Please be aware of this prerequisite when planing studies abroad or an internship.

Information for exchange and guest students:

Special arrangements concerning examination dates and procedures at TUM cannot be made for exchange or guest students! You must comply with officially scheduled exam dates and times. Examination dates are set by each TUM school or department and are usually scheduled to take place between February and March (winter-term) and between July and September (summer-term). The Chair of Structural Analysis offers retake exams for compulsory courses exclusively in the official exam period for the next semester. There is no demand on retake exams for elective courses. More information of the TUM International Center can be found here.