Isogeometric B-Rep Analysis (IBRA)

The newly developed isogeometric B-Rep analysis (IBRA) [Breitenberger et al. 2015]can be considered as a generalization of isogeometric analysis (IGA) that uses the boundary representation (B-Rep) of the CAD model in addition to the same basis functions as in IGA for approximating the solution fields. IBRA provides the framework for creating a direct and complete analysis model from computer aided design (CAD) in a consistent finite-element-like manner. Thus, IBRA allows analyzing a CAD model without remodeling and meshing, even for complex geometries.

A boundary representation describes an object by its “skin” between the “model” and “non-model”. The skin of a three dimensional object is composed of a set of adjacent bounded (trimmed) surface elements called faces.

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