Carat ++

Carat++ is a finite element program for simulation, structural optimization and form finding. Detailed information and tutorial data can be found here.

Three main features are:

  • Carat++ is platform independent
  • Carat++ is suitable for large problems
  • Carat++ is modular and thus easy extensible

The kernel of Carat++ is a general finite element solver. It offers the following analyses:

  • Static (linear/nonlinear)
  • Isogeometric B-Rep analysis
  • Dynamic (linear/nonlinear): Explicit: central differences; Implicit: Newmark-β, Generalized-α
  • Eigenfrequency
  • Linear Buckling
  • Interface for coupled analyses like fluid-structure interaction (FSI)

Carat++ comprises a general-purpose optimization toolbox. The main application field is FEM-based shape optimization. Detailed information about the optimization toolbox and its features can be found here.

Carat++ can perform numerical form finding as well as cutting pattern generation. Detailed information can be found in a separate chapter here.

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