Fesslix is a Free software program to perform stochastic analysis (e.g. reliability analysis and Bayesian updating). The source code is written in C++ and is available free of charge under the Free Software GPL license. Fesslix comes with a powerful and flexible input language that allows coupling of almost any model (external application) to Fesslix.

A brief summary of the main features of Fesslix:

  • Perform non-intrusive reliability analysis or Bayesian updating either
    • by running commands on the command line or
    • by means of an Octave/Matlab interface or
    • by means of a Python interface
  • Flexible input language for writing Fesslix parameter files
    • control flow statements (e.g. if, for, while)
    • Most parameters can be defined as functions
  • Working with response surfaces
  • Linear finite element analysis using truss, beam and plane stress/strain elements
  • Spectral Stochastic Finite Elements
  • Bayesian networks


Windows or Linux: http://fesslix.org/installation.html