Structural optimization of shape adaptive structures

Project Support

The research project "Structural optimization of shape adaptive structures" is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - project number 189566908

Motivation and Objectives

Shape adaptive structures belong to the family of smart structures. Their shape can be adapted to different loading conditions, by the usage of actuators. In the first phase of this project, parameter free structural optimization methods for finding optimal kinematic bead patterns for shell structures, and for optimal actuator placement, have been developed and evaluated.


The second part of this project focusses on piezo adaptive structures. Piezo electrical actuators are often laminated as patches onto the surface of passive elements. This is the reason, why actuation and stiffness of the passive structure cannot be separated completely any longer, and a special treatment of this structures is necessary. Another interresting topic are bistable structures, with multiple states of self equilibrium. They only consume energy when switching between these states.

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