Bayesian network discretization of reliability problems

A MATLAB based software prototype performing efficient static discretization for structural reliability problems, such that they can be updated in a discrete Bayesian network framework. The user defines his/her reliability problem through a limit state function and a statistical model of the corresponding basic random variables. Furthermore a couple of parameters corresponding to the discretization and the BN structure have to be provided.

The software:

  • Comes up with an efficient discretization scheme, applying the heuristics developed in (Zwirglmaier & Straub, 2015)
  • Establishes the CPTs of the reliability Bayesian network.
  • Outputs the BN model in the form of a xdsl-file, which can be read and modified e.g. using the (free) BN software Genie (


Matlab, incl. Statistical toolbox and Optimization toolbox

The Bayesian network is outputed in the format of the Genie BN software, which can be downloaded for free here:

Documentation & background

Zwirglmaier K., Straub D.: A discretization procedure for rare events in Bayesian networks. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, under review.