Presentation of the 3D geological model of Munich at the Münchner GI-Runde (March 28th-29th 2022)

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The Geothermal Energy Group of the Chair participated in this event with the following contributions:

+ Abstract: „Entwicklung eines nutzungsbezogenen geologischen 3D-Models für das Untergrundmanagement der Stadt“. Kai Zosseder, Alberto Albarrán-Ordás, Manuel Gossler.

+ Talk: „Das 3D-Untergrundmodell von München: Entwicklung eines nutzungsbezogenen geologischen 3D-Modells für das Untergrundmanagement der Stadt“. Alberto Albarrán-Ordás

The talk was hold within the Science Forum for 3D Modelling of the Shallow Subsurface and is available online in the following link:

More information about the event and the entire program can be found here: