Flexible Geothermal Energy Systems with Reversible ORC Systems, Advanced Control and Novel System Designs 

FlexGeo intends to develop and demonstrate innovative technological solutions and advanced control strategies for flexible geothermal energy systems with 100 % renewable energy and maximum flexibility range. A leading innovation will be the worldwide first demonstration of a reversible 200 kWel modular Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) / high-temperature heat pump (HTHP) system on a TRL 7 level, together with advanced flexible control strategies and smart operational tool in order to react to the needs of the electricity grid. The holistic, innovative FlexGeo concept will enable the application of flexible geothermal energy systems as a backbone for the European energy system, considering the fluctuating electricity market and heating and cooling demands. As outlined later in the proposal, the FlexGeo solutions offer a unique potential to provide flexibility beyond the state-of-the-art and any other potential innovation pathways. Combining the developed solutions with a detailed exploitation and dissemination strategy will pave the way for the market uptake and spread of the developed technologies and products. The results will significantly increase the utilization of both shallow and deep geothermal energy and, therefore, contribute to reaching the net-zero GHG-emission goal of the European Union. Subsequent figures display the simplified scheme of the FlexGeo technologies and their interaction as well as a 200 kWel commercial ORC module of ORCAN, which will be the starting point for the development of the innovative rev. ORC demonstrator. 

Contributions to SDG

Funded by

Horizon Europe   

Project duration

01.01.2024 – 31.12.2027